Correctional Care

Correctional Care Medical Facility at Denver Health

The Correctional Care Medical Facility at Denver Health offers high quality, cost-effective inpatient and outpatient care to inmates from all contracted correctional jurisdictions. Interdisciplinary collaboration and leading edge managed care are the hallmarks of this cost-effective system. Denver Health provides care for correctional care patients through a guarded and locked unit within the hospital. Services include:

  • Outpatient clinic services to Denver inmates and contract inmates from CDOC and local jails
  • On-site medical, nursing and dental services at Denver County Jail and Denver Pre-Arraignment Detention Facility Infirmaries
  • Contract physician services and medical direction at the Denver metro-area city/county detention facilities

We are always looking for ways to improve our services and meet the needs of our community.  If you are from a correctional facility, please feel free to contact the Correctional Care Medical Facility Team at Denver Health about your facility and medical needs.

Denver Sheriff Health Services Correctional Nursing

Denver Health Employees are contracted by the Denver Sheriff’s Department to provide medical services for the inmate patient population of the Denver County Jail and the Denver City Jail.

Corrections nurses come from all areas of nursing and provide: Primary Care, Intake Health Assessments, Urgent or Emergent Triage and Care, Chronic Disease Clinics, Women’s Care, Mental Health Services, and much more!

Our nurses work with clients who often have limited access to health care and engage in high risk behaviors, including substance abuse.

There are many benefits of working in correctional care such as:

  • A high level of autonomy serving the under-served
  • Daily use of critical thinking skills
  • Caring for a primarily ambulatory population
  • Client centered care
  • A high demand for nurses

Security officers are present in all areas. Enhanced monitoring and staff training creates a very safe environment.