Price Transparency

Denver Health is committed to providing meaningful pricing information to our patients so they are able to make informed health care decisions. See our information here.

Denver Health encourages patients who currently have private health insurance, Medicare and/or Medicaid to contact their health insurance carriers to understand their financial responsibilities for health care services provided at Denver Health. Denver Health encourages patients not covered by private health insurance, Medicare and/or Medicaid and plan to pay for health care services directly to contact Denver Health’s financial counseling department at 303-602-3470. The self-pay prices posted here may not reflect the total amount a patient may owe after receiving health care services at Denver Health.

What is price transparency?

Doctors, hospitals, health plans and consumer groups agree prices should be easier for patients to access in order to better understand costs associated with health care services. Price transparency is a means of providing general cost information on common services. Denver Health is committed to presenting this information in a way that is easy for patients to access, but encourages all self-pay patients to contact the financial counseling department at 303-602-3470 to fully understand all costs associated with receiving health care services at Denver Health. The financial counseling department can also review options for financial assistance.

What does “self-pay” mean?

Self-pay is a term used to describe a situation in which a patient chooses to pay for hospital or clinic services directly rather than using a private health insurance plan, Medicare, Medicaid or Workers Compensation. Other common terms used when referring to self-pay are “uninsured patients” and “private pay.” Self-pay does not include charity care programs.

Who can choose the “self-pay” option at Denver Health?

Denver Health is here to serve the population of the city and county of Denver. Residents of the city and county of Denver are eligible to receive services as a self-pay patient.

What services are included in my hospital bill estimate?

In the estimates provided below, the information shows costs patients will pay to receive care at Denver Health. However, professional physician fees are NOT included in the price estimates. Additional items NOT included in the price estimate are:

  • Medications prescribed for your use after the hospital stay/services
  • Medical devices
  • Home medical devices
  • Other physician services such as rehabilitation or home health care

What if the service I need is not listed on this website?

Please call our financial counseling department at 303-602-3470 for more information.

Can I get an exact pricing quote?

Unfortunately, Denver Health cannot provide exact price quotes, but will do its best to provide price ranges based on the hospital's historical pricing for comparable services. Price quotes are not guaranteed because services can vary from treatment decisions, unforeseen complications, additional tests or services ordered by your physician and variations in the clinical needs of each patient.

Price transparency at Denver Health

Billing Terms, Conditions and Resources

Similar to physician’s office visits, Denver Health expects payment prior to or at the time services are rendered.

Those unable to meet their financial obligations prior to their scheduled procedures can contact the financial counseling department at 303-602-3470 to determine available payment options.

Financial challenges or lack of health insurance should not prevent patients from receiving needed medical care. Denver Health offers many resources to help patients get the care they need. Anyone hoping to learn more about qualification for Colorado Medicaid, discounted health insurance plans, financial assistance or other discount programs can contact Denver Health’s enrollment services department at 303-602-2300.

The hospital and physician billing department at 303-602-3470 can help patients with questions about medical bills once they receive their billing statements. There may be payment plan options available for those unable to meet financial responsibilities.
Denver Health & Hospital Authority makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the pricing information provided herein. The pricing information provided by this website is strictly an estimate of prices, and Denver Health & Hospital Authority cannot guarantee the accuracy of any estimates. All estimates are based on the information provided by a prospective patient and do not include among other things, any unforeseen complications, additional test procedures, and non-hospital related charges, any of which may increase the ultimate cost of the services provided. Any prospective patient should understand that a final bill for services rendered at Denver Health & Hospital Authority may differ substantially from the information provided by this website, and Denver Health & Hospital Authority shall not be liable for any inaccuracies.