Imaging Orders

Denver Health’s Department of Radiology offers a broad range of imaging services for referring physicians to aide in the screening, diagnosis and treatment of acute/chronic diseases as well as emergent injuries.

If this is your first time referring a patient to Denver Health for Imaging Services, please complete this form for the Medical Staff Office provider database. This form is only to be filled out by first-time referring providers.

Please refer to the Imaging Order Form Instructions to guide you in the imaging order process.

Imaging Order Forms

Radiation Safety

At Denver Health, we understand that radiation exposure is a concern to patients and clinicians. CT is a powerful tool that is used to diagnose a wide variety of disorders (i.e. cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, trauma and musculoskeletal abnormalities). The Radiology Department at Denver Health is committed to following recommended radiation safety guidelines and the principles of ALARA (As Low AS Reasonably Achievable).

Key guidelines followed by Denver Health's Department of Radiology to minimize radiation exposure that are followed include:

  • Imaging studies are only performed when there is the possibility of a clear diagnostic benefit.
  • Imaging studies are strategically focused to include on the specific area of interest.
  • Denver Health's Department of Radiology uses the latest advances in CT imaging and protocols to achieve diagnostics quality images with the lowest radiation exposure.
  • Imaging techniques are individualized and customized specifically for each patient.