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Expand your Lean knowledge and skills at the Denver Health Lean Academy

What is Lean?

Lean is a methodology to improve performance and eliminate waste to progress work-place efficiency and effectiveness. The Denver Health Lean Academy builds on the organization's culture of continuous improvement and learning; fostering collaboration with others to ensure strategic alignment and advance performance excellence.

Denver Health was one of the first healthcare delivery organizations to successfully adopt Lean as an improvement methodology with quantified success.  Through Denver Health's Lean Academy, learners continue their Lean journey as they learn the value of Lean methodology and practices.

Coronavirus update

COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted in many areas and the Denver Health Lean Academy team is excited to share that some of our Lean courses will resume with appropriate safety and social distancing modifications. In addition, we are able to offer remote Lean coaching and facilitation. To find out more about which courses are now taking registrations and for more information about the cost and availability of the Lean Academy Faculty to facilitate and coach remotely, please contact us. Phone: 855-888-5326  Email: leanacademy@dhha.org.  


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Lean Courses

Lean Foundations (Independent Session A) | $1500
May 18-19, Jun 15-16, Jul 20-21, Aug 17-18, Sep 14-15, Oct 19-20, Nov 16-17 

Lean Management Systems (Independent Session B) | $750
May 20, Jun 17, Jul 22, Aug 19, Sep 16, Oct 21, Nov 18 

Lean Coaching for Continuous Improvement (Independent Session C) | $1500
 May 21-22, Jun 18-19, Jul 23-24, Aug 20-21, Sept 17-18, Oct 22-23, Nov 19-20

Lean Foundations and Lean Management Systems (Bundle A) | $2250
May 18-20, Jun 15-17, Jul 20-22, Aug 17-19, Sep 14-16, Oct 19-21, Nov 16-18

Lean Management Systems and Lean Coaching for Continuous Improvement (Bundle B) | $2250
May 20-22, Jun 17-19, Jul 22-24, Aug 19-21, Sep 16-18, Oct 21-23, Nov 18-20

Lean Immersion Week: Lean Foundations, Lean Management Systems and Lean Coaching for Continuous Improvement | $3500
Jun 5-19, Jul 20-24, Aug 17-21, Sep 14-18, Oct 19-23, Nov 16-20

Lean Analytics | $1500
May 27-28, Jul 28-29, Sep 22-23, Nov 10-11

Lean Site Visit for Executive/Senior Leaders | $950
Jun 23, Aug 11, Oct 13, Dec 8

Lean Management Systems for Senior Leaders | $750
Jun 24, Aug 12, Oct 14, Dec 9 

Lean Site Visit and Lean Management Systems for Executive/Senior Leaders - Combination | $1500
Jun 23-24, Aug 11-12, Oct 13-14, Dec 8-9 


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