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Grow as a professional using Lean at Denver Health

What is Lean?

Lean is a methodology to improve performance and eliminate waste to progress work-place efficiency and effectiveness. The Denver Health Lean Academy builds on our culture of continuous improvement and learning, and helps us to learn from one another to advance goals toward performance excellence.

As one of the first health care delivery organizations to successfully adopt Lean as an improvement methodology with quantified success, Denver Health’s Lean Academy collaborates with Healthcare Performance Partners, to kick start your organization's Lean journey by teaching the value of the Lean methodology and practices.

2018 Lean Workshops

Lean Development: Full Immersion
April 16-20, May 21-25, June 18-22, July 16-20, August 13-17

Lean Development: Foundations and Management (Bundle A)
April 16-18, May 21-23, June 18-20, July 16-18, August 13-15

Lean Development: Management and Coaching (Bundle B)
April 18-20, May 23-25, June 20-22, July 18-20, August 15-17

Lean Development: Foundations (Independent Session A)
April 16-17, May 21-22, June 18-19, July 16-17, August 13-14

Lean Development: Management (Independent Session B)
April 18, May 23, June 20, July 18, August 15

Lean Development: Coaching (Independent Session C)
April 19-20, May 24-25, June 21-22, July 19-20, August 16-17

Lean Analytics | May 15-16, July 24-25

Executive/Senior Leader Site Visit | June 26

Senior Leader Lean Workshop | June 27

Executive Site Visit and Senior Leader Lean Workshop Combination | June 26-27

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