Hospital Medicine Scholarly Activity

Our group believes in the value of continual education; both being taught and teaching. To that end, we actively participate in the teaching and training of college students as job shadows, medical/NP/PA students on their clinical rotations, residents as they rotate through our hospital, and teaching our colleagues through lectures, grand rounds, and conferences. Hospitalist attendings make up the bulk of the teaching services here, supervising senior residents, interns, and medical students in their care of acutely ill patients. We also play an important role in teaching pre-clinical students at the medical school through small groups and preceptorships. Our physicians have also been involved in numerous hospital medicine conferences as organizers and speakers at the regional and national level.


Medicine is continually changing and adding to its body ofknowledge, and we strive to contribute to that knowledge and understanding of the science and art of medicine. Our physicians have protected research timeand are able to pursue diverse interests.

Current research projects cover areas such as:

  • Determinants of patient satisfaction
  • Perceptions and management of pain in hospitalized patients
  • Outcomes in minority patients with end-stage renal disease
  • Nosocomial infections
  • Perceptions of palliative care
  • Safety and efficacy of consultative medicine
  • Eating disorder physiology
  • Short stay observation units
  • End stage liver disease and venous thromboembolic phenomenon
  • Acute encephalopathy in hospitalized patients
  • Readmissions and transitions of care
  • Communication between emergency room physicians and hospitalists
  • Prevention of alcohol withdrawal
  • Practice variation in CT ordering and effects on patient outcomes
  • Teaching clinical reasoning to physician trainees
  • Attending teaching behaviors during bedside rounds
  • Faculty mentoring of house staff and pre-medical students
  • Drug and alcohol withdrawal syndromes
  • RELAX trial Novartis funded CHF drug trial Diamond forrester trial
  • What to do for low risk chest pain?
  • Opioid prescribing at hospital discharge
  • Nosocomial infections
  • Perceptions of palliative care
  • Safety and efficacy of consultative medicine
  • Eating disorder physiology
  • Short stay observation units
  • End stage liver disease and venous thromboembolic phenomenon
  • Acute encephalopathy in hospitalized patients
  • HIV/STI epidemiology and prevention
  • Retention in HIV care
  • Balance in Academic Medicine

We also have a dedicated research projects coordinator, who provides invaluable assistance in research design, data analysis and biostatistics. We often collaborate with other physicians at Denver Health and within the University of Colorado system.


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Complete List of Hospital Medicine Publications


PI: Marisha Burden Sponsor: Colorado Hospital Association Funding: $40,000 over two years Project: Colorado’s Reducing Hospital Readmissions & Safe Transitions Collaborative

PI: Jessica Campbell Sponsor: Society of General Internal Medicine Funding: $30,000 per year over three years Project: Mary O'Flaherty Horn Scholarship in General Internal Medicine

PI: Lilia Cervantes Sponsor: Denver Health and Hospital Authority; University of Colorado Denver Funding: $159,182 per year over three years Project: Healthcare Interest Program (HIP)

PI: Lilia Cervantes Sponsor: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program Funding: $419,937 over four years Project: Patient Navigation to Improve Palliative Care Outcomes for Latinos with End-stage Renal Disease

PI: Lilia Cervantes Sponsor: University of Colorado Organization for Racial and Ethnic Support Funding: $7,000 over one year Project: Minority faculty development program. A semi-structured social climate faculty development program for minority faculty to engage in peer mentorship and peer networking.

PI: Daniel Heppe Sponsor: Denver Health Department of Medicine Small Grants Program Funding: $25,000 over one year Project: Preventing Alcohol Withdrawal with Oral Baclofen: A Randomized, Placebo Controlled Trial

PI: Susan Calcaterra Sponsor: Denver Health Department of Medicine Small Grants Program Funding: $25,000 over one year Project: The Role of the Hospital-Based Physician in Chronic Pharmaceutical Opioid Use

Committee Memberships

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National Committees:
  • Society of Hospital Medicine Research Committee

Hospital Leadership Committees:

  • Hospital Medicine Leadership Committee
  • CMMI Steering Committee
  • Physician Compensation Advisory Committee
  • Patient Experience Vendor Selection Committee
  • Credentialing Committee
  • Ethics Committee

Electronic Medical Record Committees:

  • Lifelink/eHS Governance Executive Committee
  • Lifelink Physician Advisory Council

Hospital Utilization Committees:

  • Denver Health Utilization Management Committee
  • Denver Health Managed Care Utilization Committee

Quality-focused Committees:

  • In-Hospital Falls Committee
  • Cor Zero Committee
  • CPC Committee
  • Hospitalist Inpatient Flow Committee

Patient Experience Committees:

  • Transitions of Care Committee
  • Patient Grievance Committee
  • Adult Narcotic Analgesic Guide Committee
  • Correctional Care Medical Facility Action Group

Medical Education Committees:

  • University of Colorado Intern Selection Committee
  • University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Curriculum Committee
  • Professional Development Coaching Program
  • Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum